Simply Organic Basics 8 Spices Gift Set

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This organic spices gift set includes the top 8 organic culinary spices. This is a perfect gift for updating an old spice cabinet. Our gourmet organic spice cannot be beat.

  • Top 8 Organic Culinary Spices
  • Basil 0.18 oz, Cayenne 0.53 oz, Cinnamon 0.67 oz, Cumin 0.46 oz
  • Garlic Powder 0.92 oz, Italian Seasoning 0.14 oz, Oregano 0.07 oz, Thyme 0.28 oz
  • Gluten Free Spices and USDA Certified Organic
  • Perfect Gift For Anyone, Anytime! Great for updating old spices, newlyweds, traveling, camping.