Pack of 2 Tongue Scraper For Daily Oral Care and Fresh Breath By Absolute Ayurvedic

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☀ What is Tongue Scraping as per Ancient Ayurveda?

✔ Daily Tongue Scraping Practice Indicated In Ancient Ayurveda, Provides Oral And Spiritual Health Benefits.

✔ Ayurveda Medicine Is A System Of Medicine With Historical Roots In The Indian Subcontinent.

✔ Ayurvedic Tongue Scrapping Recently Gained A Lot Of Attention In Western Continents.

✔ Being Gateway Between Your Body And Environment, Oral Health Cannot Be Overlooked For Healthy Life Style And Well-Being. This Practice Is Called Jihwa Sodhana.

☀Why Copper?

✔ For Many Centuries Copper Has Been Used For Its Antimicrobial Property.

✔ Recent Studies Also Suggested That Copper Possesses Antimicrobial Property Which Triggers Its Utilization In Many Hospital Furniture And Surgical Equipment.

✔ Copper Is One Of The Best Mental For Tongue Scrapping Because It Promotes The Growth Of Good Bacteria And Suppresses The Growth Of Toxin-Producing Bacteria.

☀Why choose Absolute Ayurvedic?

✔ Absolute Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaners Are Designed To Work For Years.

✔ It Helps Keep Your Tongue Clean, Breath Fresh And Improve Overall Oral Hygiene.

✔ Absolute Ayurvedic Tongue Scrappers Are 100% Copper And Come With Lifetime Warranty.

✔ If Any Of Our Tongue Scrapper Breaks, Ship It Back And We Will Be More Than Happy To Replace It For Free Just To Keep You Healthy.

• Simply Clean With Warm Water After Each Use And Let Is Air Dry

• Copper Tarnish Can Easily Be Removed With Lemon Juice Which Leaves The Copper Shiny And Restores Polish

✔ Let Us Know How We Are Doing Which Provides Us A Huge Motivation To Develop Our Products And Service!

  • BEST REMEDY FOR BAD BREATH by removing white mucus coating on the tongue - Excellent remover of toxin and plaque. Also Improve taste sensation.
  • ONE SIZE SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE IN FAMILY - With Flexible adjustable handles it is designed to fit big and small mouth for daily oral hygiene.
  • CLEANING YOUR TONGUE IS COMFORTABLE, QUICK & EFFECTIVE - Heavy-duty metal, super smooth, no rusting & mold buildup!
  • LIFETIME & ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Made up in FDA registred facility these tongue scraper will last lifetime.
  • COMES WITH INSTRUCTION CARD - Simply clean with warm water. makes for an excellent gift.