Copper Tongue Scraper - Copper Tongue Cleaner With Handle

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The Absolute Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner is the is the quickest and easiest way to remove bad breath! This copper tongue cleaner removes a white layer from the tongue and delivers powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening results!

Features & Highlights

  • FDA Approved
  • Chemical Free
  • Copper Metal
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy To Use
  • Life Time Guarantee
  • Same Day Shiping - USA Warehouse
  • 5-7 Days Delivery

    Benefits of Tongue Cleaning

    • Fresh Breath Recommended In Ayurveda
    • Reduce Toxin-Producing Bacteria
    • Food Test Better After Tongue Cleaning
    • Improve Oral Hygiene
    • Copper Stimulate Health Of Good Bacteria
    • Suitable For All 3 Dosh As Per Ayurvedic

      ✔ FDA REGISTERED - BEST REMEDY FOR BAD BREATH Helps Improve Taste Sensation, Removes The Coating On The Tongue, Slows The Growth Of Plaque Which Helps Cure Bad Breath And Overall Oral Hygiene. A Must-Have Tool In Your Treatment Of Halitosis And Periodontal Problems Which Inhibits The Growth Of Bacteria. Excellent Remover Of Toxins/Toxic! Non-Porous Metal!

      ✔ ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED FOR DAILY USE Flexible, Non-Gagging Design With Optimal Length – Wide Scraping Design Enables Cleaning Of The Entire Tongue Length. Precisely Designed With 100% Copper With No Synthetic Copper Handle For Better Grips.

      ✔ CLEANING YOUR TONGUE IS COMFORTABLE, QUICK, HYGIENIC AND EFFECTIVE Thicker, Heavy-Duty, Super Smooth (Safe Edges) Design To Gently Reach Far Back On The Tongue Without Gagging And Risk Of Nicks. No Mold Buildup!

      ONE SIZE SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE IN FAMILY: A Must Have Tool For Kids (8+) And Adults To Promote Daily Oral Hygiene Just In Few Seconds. Ayurvedic Texts For Copper’s Antimicrobial Properties. Instruction Card Is Included In Package. Lifetime Warranty!

      ✔ LIFETIME AND ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE No Plastic Tongue Scrapers Can Come Close To The Sturdiness Of Our Copper Tongue Scraper With Handle. Simply Clean With Warm Water (And With Lemon Once A Month To Restore Polish). Makes For An Excellent Gift.