Absolute Products Store Fiberglass Replacement Tiki Torch Wicks - 1/2 by 10 Inch Long For Your Summer Craft Projects

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Absolute Products Store Fiberglass Tiki Wick

The question coming to mind that why to choose Absolute Products Store fiberglass wick? Introducing The Absolute Products Store's Fiberglass wicks. With APS fiberglass wick you'll discover a new spectrum of DIY project and better evening experience in your backyard, on the patio, and on beachside bars. Suddenly new feature of this fiberglass will pop out in the way you never thought.

The Absolute Products Store Fiberglass Tiki Wicks are made up of high-quality fiberglass which is extremely strong, resilient, genuine grade & flexible.

APS Fiberglass Wick Fits All Type Of Bottles & Tiki Torches

You will be amazed that APS fiberglass wicks are of the universal size and extra long which comes in 12 and 6 pieces so you don't have to cut them for your projects. It is designed to fit in popular oil lamp wicks, tiki torches, wine bottle lights, homemade bottles. This 0.5-Inch in diameter & 10 Inch long fiberglass wicks required about 0.25 Inch to 0.5-Inch neck exposure from the lamp.

APS Tiki Torches Come In Original Branded Packaging With Factory Value

You will get 12 Pack or 6 Pack Of Tiki Wick whole sale factory Price. You will get them in branded packaging bag which you can store in your storage area. Unlike other fiberglass wicks, Absolute Products Store's Fiberglass wicks are Asbestos free which causes no harm to health while burning which makes them ideal replacements for Asbestos ones.

Easy To Ignite & Trim As Per Your Need

The best part? APS Fiberglass Wicks don't absorp moistures during storage which allows them to ignite quickly compare to other traditional wicks. APS Fiberglass Wicks knows for better flame color and shape. These fiberglass wicks burns odor less and corrosion resistant.

It is best & recommended to start with a 1/4" Inch exposed wick, and work your way up from there until you achieve your desired flame in results in normal steady environment.  Long lasting fiberglass wicks are not consumed during regular uses. Please use new fiberglass wick when switching between paraffin oil, torch fuel Or kerosene. Always allow new wick to absorb the oil in lamp before you light it.

12 or 6 pieces of APS Fiberglass wick in a packages. Each piece is 10" Long x 1/2 " round. However they comes in 12 or 6 pack, you can trim them as per your DIY requirments.

  • ✔ QUICK IGNITION: No Bad Smell, Extra Long-Thick Trimble Material-Eco Friendly
  • ✔ GREAT FACTORY VALUE PACK: Unbeatable Price- Unbeatable Quality- Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • ✔ VERSATILE: Suitable For Popular Oil Lamp Wicks, Tiki Torches, Wine Bottle Lights, Homemade Bottles
  • ✔ SUPERIOR THAN TRADITIONAL COTTON WICKS: Twelve Units Of 10"Longx1/2" Fiberglass Wicks In Package
  • ✔ LONG LASTING: Corrosion Resistant-Can Be Trimmed Using Sharp Cutting Tool